Cherwell Competition Centre Unaffiliated Dressage inc Trailblazer & Cricklands Q (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Tue, Aug 15, 2023
Starting Times:

Starting Times: These will be posted asap after the closing date.
Gloves and Bridle numbers must be worn.

Class 1
Introductory - Test C ( 2016) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Horse/Rider combinations not to have achieved BD points
Class 2
Preliminary - Test 1 ( 2006) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 3
Preliminary - Test 18 (Rev 2016) ( 2002) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 4
Novice - Test 24 ( 2010) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 5
Novice - Test 34 ( 2009) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 6
Elementary - Test 42 ( 2008) - Short    
Entry Fee:

Show Secretary: Cherwell Competition Centre
Mill Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 0QG
Mobile: +4407974151272, Email:

Cherwell Competition Centre, Mill Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX30QG

Show Information

All tests held on Andrews Bowen Arena 80 x 60 with warm up on 25 x 60 Andrews Bowen Arena.
If space permits Late entries will be charged at £3 per class extra.
CLASS 1 – Horse/Rider combinations not to have achieved BD points.
CCLASSES 3 – 6 Open to all, including horses/ponies and riders who are currently registered with British Dressage.

Payment Details & Event Fees

All entries in advance. You can book using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Cherwell Competition Centre.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and payment.
Entry Fees: Per Test £18.00

Prize Information

Rosettes to 6th place in each class. PRIZES IN KIND TO THE WINNERS

Special Classes

All classes are Cricklands and Trailblazers qualifiers.


Refunds will only be given if withdrawn before the close of entries or if replaced from a waiting list.

Terms & Conditions

● Entries will not be accepted – under any circumstances over the phone or via facebook. ● Email entries will be accepted when payment has been received. Prior to this all email entities will be considered pending until payment has been made. ● Please refer to BS rule 79.5 and BD Rule 53. rulebook regarding refund of any entry fees. This also applies to similar unaffiliated events. Any refunds will take place after the event and be sent via BACS within 10 working days. ● In the event of cancellation by Cherwell due to adverse weather conditions or circumstances beyond control of Cherwell Competition Centre, entries will be transferred to another competition. ● Prize money will be paid by BACS wherever possible within 10 working days. Please note that this can take longer in some circumstances. Bank details must be sent directly to Your email must include: competitors name, horses name, class, placing, full account name, account number and sort code. Please note we will hold these details on our system and transfer all future prize money to this account unless notified otherwise. When providing details please double check numbers and that account names match exactly as these will be the numbers we use even if we are advised by the bank that the account name and number cannot be matched by them. When checking your account please look out for a transfer from Hill Farm as it will not show as Cherwell Competition Centre.

Abuse to staff will not be tolerated and may result in you being asked to leave the Centre.
● Dress will be competition wear unless stated otherwise. Hats and correct footwear must be worn at all times when riding on the premises. Unaffiliated competitions will be based on affiliated rules – please see schedules for specific details and familiarise yourself with the affiliated rules. ● On site damages must be brought to the secretary’s attention at the time of the incident. Subsequents will be incurred for any damages. ● Children must not be left on the premises, including the clubhouse, unattended or without adult supervision at all times! ● Horses and Ponies must not be left tied up to the lorry / trailer under any circumstances. You must not use hay nets unless you intend to clear up the hay afterwards. You should also poo pick the area around your vehicle and car park. ● Official Photographs – Any photographs taken by the Official Photographer may be used by the show organiser for promotional purposes.● Vehicles – The Show Organiser reserves the right to remove any vehicle which is obstructing any access to or from the ground even if locked and unattended. The Show Organiser will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage occasioned by such removal. ● If you are competing at Cherwell Competition Centre and have travelled alone, you must notify the Secretary and leave contact details in case of an emergency. ● All horses competing at Cherwell in ridden classes must be 4 years and above. ● Vaccination Certificate – All horses at the show must have a current and valid certificate of vaccination against Equine Influenza. There will be random checking of certificates and any horse found without a valid certificate will be asked to leave the show ground. ● Stallions – No person shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete, in any class without taking adequate precautions to ensure other persons are not put at risk of injury. ● The expense of any veterinary services rendered either on or after the Show must be borne by the competitor or owner of stock. ● Persons found abusing horses on the showground may be asked to leave and reported to BS or BD. ● Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and not allowed to run loose if you are hiring the arena. As per our Covid guidelines we prefer it if dogs are left at home but we appreciate that this is not always possible. ● All items of lost property will be retained for one calendar month. Items not claimed after this period will be donated to charity. Any items that are not of use to charity will be disposed of. ● The Show Organiser retains as its absolute discretion the right to decline or exclude or remove any person or animal from the show or future shows or return any entry fee without being required to assign reason or being liable for any compensation. ANY PERSON (S) & THEIR ASSOCIATES FOUND MISBEHAVING OR CAUSING DAMAGE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE VENUE IMMEDIATELY ● Neither Cherwell Competition Centre, nor any of its representatives or staff shall be held liable for any accident, injury or damage or loss whatsoever, howsoever caused to any person animal or property at any time, and additionally accepts no duty of care for your stabled horse, dogs or property.

● No BBQ’s ● No gatherings of more than six people as per Covid guidelines ● No generators ● No cars in the lorry park ● No open fires● Not to play or allow family members, friends or visitors to the centre to play or use any piano, tape or record player, radio, television set or musical instrument or other sound producing equipment loudly so that annoyance is caused to any occupier of nearby lorries.

● Once a booking has been accepted, refunds will not be given unless the box can be re-let by the venue (there will be a £10 admin charge per box). ● All stable bookings require an additional £25 “clean box” deposit per individual box the day before arrival. Payment cards will be pre authorised. STABLES WILL BE SUPPLIED COMPLETELY EMPTY OF BEDDING. To gain a full deposit you need to leave the stables fully emptied. ● DO NOT LEAVE MUCK AT END OF BLOCKS – THE ALLOCATED SITE MUCK HEAP SHOULD BE USED AND PLEASE DISPOSE OF YOUR RUBBISH USING BINS ALLOCATED. ● You are welcome to bring your own bedding (shavings only). YOU MUST PRE ORDER SHAVINGS IF YOU REQUIRE THEM FROM SITE. WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL SHAVINGS ONSITE FOR PURCHASE. ● Haylage must be pre-ordered as stock will not be held onsite. ● No smoking in any stables or areas around stables. No dogs off leads and please clear up after your dogs. ● On arrival, park in the main car park please park and unload in that area. ● Horses to only be put in allocated stables, if horses are put in the wrong stable they will have to move. ● Please do not arrive after 6pm unless by prior arrangement. Arriving later that specified time may incur a charge. ● Do not use any areas to ride outside of the competition day without prior permission and do not lunge on ANY arena or grassed area.


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