Tenantry Farms Long Course (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Mon, Oct 25, 2021
Starting Times:

Hourly slots are available between 8am - 5pm in summer. 8am - 4pm in winter.
The Long Course (old UK Chasers Course) of approx 6.5 miles with about 25 jumps, mostly 2’6” (75 cms) to 2’9” (85 cms). This is a relaxing ride out with a variety of woodland, a few fields, and beautiful views. Just right for older or younger horses - and riders!

Class 1
Long Course - 8.00 - 9.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 2
Long Course - 9.00 - 10.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 3
Long Course - 10.00 - 11.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 4
Long Course - 11.00 - 12.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 5
Long Course - 12.00 - 13.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 6
Long Course - 13.00 - 14.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 7
Long Course - 14.00 - 15.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 8
Long Course - 15.00 - 16.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 9
Long Course - 16.00 - 17.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:
Class 10
Long Course - 17.00 - 18.00     (Closed)
Entry Fee:

Show Secretary: Rob Mcleod
Rockbourne, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 3PB
Tel: 01725 518297, Mobile: 07976606599

Tenantry Farms, Rockbourne , Fordingbridge , Hampshire SP63PB
Map Link: SP63PB

Show Information

We have two XC courses:
The Schooling / Eventing / Hunter Trials Course of approximately one mile with some 90 jumps available between 1’6” (45 cms) and 3’6” (105 cms) and a complete variety of technical difficulty including; Steps, Ditches, Devil’s Dykes, Trakehners, a serious Water Jump Complex, Skinny Jumps, Corners, but also lots of small inviting logs and rails for the beginner or young horse.
The Long Course (old UK Chasers Course) of approx 6.5 miles with about 25 jumps, mostly 2’6” (75 cms) to 2’9” (85 cms). This is a relaxing ride out with a variety of woodland, a few fields, and beautiful views. Just right for older or younger horses - and riders!

You can book either or both courses together - you will be given the option to add on the Schooling Course to your booking during payment for an extra charge.

Payment Details & Event Fees

Bookings in advance only. You can book using our Secure Online Entry System:
Payment is secure and it goes directly Tenantry Farms.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and payment.

Use of the Long Course: £20 per horse
If you wish to use BOTH courses and add the Schooling Course during your booking there will be an extra charge of £15 per horse (Total £35)
For Pony Club bookings or larger groups there is a discount rate, please ask us.

Terms & Conditions

Before setting out on your ride all riders must note the following terms and conditions for the use of this course. Payment of your course fee is accepted and access granted to the course on the understanding that you have read and acknowledge that the following Code of Conduct & Terms of Use as set out below apply to your use of the course.

• Use car parking facilities provided
• Spectators are allowed on some courses with permission
• Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
• Riders must pass driving turnouts with care
• Hard hats, body protectors and correct footwear are obligatory
• Racing is forbidden
• Obey walking only and other signs
• Keep strictly to marked tracks
• Respect growing crops
• Dogs allowed on short leads only
• Driving turnouts: singles, pairs or tandem must have at least one groom
• Riders must accept that riding at any standard has inherent risk and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions. Riders may fall off and could be injured.
• Riders must take full responsibility of checking each fence before jumping and any damage caused to any cross country fence must be reported.
• The rider is responsible for ensuring that both horse and rider have the ability to jump the fence.
• To use the schooling course a rider must be accompanied by an adult on foot.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct when using the course could result in your future use of this course being refused.

Terms of Use:
We reserve the right to refuse admission.
All jumps on the course are optional and the rider can choose not to jump any or all of the fences. All fences to be taken only in the direction of the markers. It is each rider’s responsibility to make certain that they and their horses have the necessary level of ability and experience before attempting to jump. Riders should familiarise themselves beforehand with any jump of which they have any doubts as to their ability to complete it safely.
Single riders must be accompanied by either another rider or a person on foot.
Any spectator or person accompanying a rider must keep well clear of all jumps.
To use the “long course” there must be a least two mounted riders.
Any accident must be reported immediately and a record made in writing before departure.

The course owner does not insure the rider, your horse or your tack and equipment. You are strongly advised to have in place your own adequate personal accident insurance at all times.
Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence we shall not be liable to you by reason of any duty at common law or under express term of our contract with you, for any loss or damage, cost or expenses which arise out of or in connection with your use of this course.


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