RFRC Training with Lynsey Richardson (Going Ahead)

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Sun, Dec 6, 2020
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Sun, Nov 29, 2020
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 Timings to be sent out via text nearer to the date.

Class 1
Gridwork Training Clinic - Group Lesson    
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Class 2
Flatwork Training Clinic - Group Lesson    
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Show Secretary: Rockingham Forest Riding Club
Red Piece, Station Road, Brigstock, Northamptonshire, NN14 1DZ
Tel: 07854323626, Mobile: 07867366934, Email: rfrc@hotmail.co.uk

Uk Location, UK

Show Information

Training with Lynsey Richardson @ Dryfields Farm, Newnham Road, Norton, Daventry, NN11 4FR

Lynsey is a grassroots coach with 10 years’ experience training horses and riders from complete beginners up to senior BE100 and BS junior newcomers. Fun, kind approach, building confidence in horse and rider.

1 - Gridwork lesson (Groups of 3/4 of similar ability)

2 - Flatwork lesson (Groups of 3/4 of similar ability)

Training held in an indoor arena, please state the level you are working at and if you are travelling with anyone in the notes section upon entry. 


Members - £23

Non-members - £26

Payment Details & Event Fees

You can enter using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Rockingham Forest Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.


Refunds will be issued if your space can be filled. 

Terms & Conditions

Protective Headgear ‘Protective Headwear’ must be worn at all times by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, riding anywhere at a BRC event. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened. At all BRC Championships and qualifiers ‘Protective Headwear’ must show a visible BRC ‘hat tag’. ‘Protective Headwear’ constitutes a hat which meets one of the following standards. Failure to do so will incur elimination. British PAS 015:1998 or 2011 European VG1 01.040:2014-12 American All SEI, ASTM F1163:2004a, 04a or SNELL E2001 Australian & New Zealand All SAI AS/NZS 3838 2006 Hard hats must carry the quality assurance stamp of Kitemark, SEI or Inspec IC Mark. It is emphasised that hats bearing a quality assurance stamp are batch tested and therefore of a constant standard. Skullcap hats must be worn with an appropriate colour silk for that discipline (see Appendix 4). Competitors are strongly advised to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged or following a fall. Important info for the XC phase: Only a “Jockey Skull” of an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, having no peak or peak type extensions may be worn for any XC phase. Noticeable protuberances above the eyes or to the front, not greater than 5mm, smooth and rounded in nature are permitted. It must also comply with the ‘Protective Headgear’ criteria above. The use of head cams is strictly prohibited on any part of the rider or horse. Body Protectors A body protector is obligatory in all cross-country competitions and is strongly recommended in show jumping competitions. A BETA Level 3 (purple label) which has been manufactured in the year 2000 or after must be worn. Body protectors should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The up to date BETA list of body protectors can be obtained from www.beta-uk.org. If a rider chooses to wear an airbag style body protector it must be worn over a permitted body protector and if activated, must be deflated or removed before continuing. Hybrid Air-jackets are permitted. Riders wearing Exo Body Cage protectors must inform the secretary at all events. Medical armbands Medical armbands are mandatory for any type of cross-country competition. These must be worn on the arm and not on the leg. They should be filled in with the relevant competitor’s details. Spot checks will be carried out in the collecting ring. Tack and Dress Rules Please make sure you adhere to tack and dress rules found in the current version of the BRC rules. The full 2017 version is available to download online. You do not need to be a member of a British Riding Club to enter this competition but it is strongly recommended that if you are not you carry some form of 3rd Party Public Liability Insurance.



Email Secretary - rfrc@hotmail.co.uk
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