Area 7 Arena Eventing Qualifier (Going Ahead)

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Sun, Oct 18, 2020

Class 1
Arena Eventing - Open (0.70m)    
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Member Fee:
Challenge 70 for mixed teams (Juniors & Seniors)of four riders and individuals.
Class 2
Arena Eventing - Open (0.80m)    
Entry Fee:
Member Fee:
Class 3
Arena Eventing - Open (0.90m)    
Entry Fee:
Member Fee:
Class 4
Arena Eventing - Open (1.00m)    
Entry Fee:
Member Fee:

Show Secretary: Rockingham Forest Riding Club
Red Piece, Station Road, Brigstock, Northamptonshire, NN14 1DZ
Tel: 07854323626, Mobile: 07867366934, Email:

Uk Location, UK

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Payment Details & Event Fees

Entries in advance only. You can enter using a Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Rockingham Forest Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.

Price £30

Terms & Conditions
All hats must have a visible Aqua BRC/BE/PC hat tag in place before they are used for warming up and competing, to show that it meets the current safety standards. There will be a trained official available on the day to do this for you if your hat does not currently have one. For up to date hat rules please see the current BRC Handbook.

Body Protectors
A body protector is obligatory in all cross-country competitions. Please see the current BRC Handbook and also the BRC Rule Amendments and Changes Document which can be found at the link below for further information regarding this:

Medical armbands
Medical armbands are mandatory. These must be worn on the arm and not on the leg. They should be filled in with the relevant competitor’s details. Checks will be carried out in the collecting ring.

Flu Vaccinations
Your horse must have up to date influenza vaccinations in line with rule G7 in the current BRC Handbook There will be no flu vaccination checks on the day. Flu vaccination records will be checked in advance via the Area 7 Flu Vacc Database. Please email to add your horse to the database. Random Passport & vaccination checks will take place on the day of competition. There is also a checking device on the BRC website, but if you are unsure, please call BRC on 02476 840518.

IMPORTANT - COVID-19 Protocols
1. If you feel at all unwell, please do not attend. Stay at home.
2. Social distancing MUST be adhered to at all times. Stay 2m apart.
3. There will be no scoreboard. All scores will be updated at frequent intervals on website.
4. There will be no flu vaccination check on the day. All horses must be registered on the Area 7 Flu Vaccination Database prior to arriving. There will be random passport & vaccination record checks throughout the day.
5. Please print your own number. 3 copies (Front bib. Back bib. Vehicle window screen)
6. Attendance at the event assumes that you will compete. Please notify the collecting ring steward if you are Withdrawing.
7. Times will be given. Please ensure that you are ready to enter the arena to compete on your time. Late arrivals will not be able to compete and will be Eliminated.
8. No Spectators. Only 1 extra groom per horse. Grooms are not permitted in the warm up arenas.
9. There will be a suitably qualified instructor in the warm up to adjust warm up fences.
10. Only 5 horses in the warm up at any one time. The collecting ring steward will control this. Please do not enter the warmup unless told to do so. There will be an area to warm up on the flat before entering the jumping warm up.
11. Only enter Secretaries if you have a query.

RFBRC/BRC Privacy Notice

Your Personal Information:
Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways to facilitate your riding club membership. It should be noted that as we are affiliated to the British Horse Society as a British Riding Club, your personal information will be shared with them in order to fulfil your BRC membership benefits and they may share with associates for the purpose of fulfilling your full membership benefits i.e. insurance providers.


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