BRC Area 7 DTM Qualifier (Times Available)

Show Date
Sun, Aug 16, 2020
Closing Date
Fri, Jul 24, 2020
Starting Times:

Wed 22 July Entries close
Wed 12 August 2020: Provisional timetable published to team managers
Thu 13 August 2020: Official Times published

Class 1 Jun
Music Freestyle - Prelim ( 2016) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Junior Prelim Dressage to Music
Class 2 Jun
Music Freestyle - Novice ( 2019) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Junior Novice Dressage to Music
Class 3
Music Freestyle - Prelim ( 2016) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Senior Prelim Dressage to Music Unlimited prelim points, 0 Novice points
Class 4
Music Freestyle - Novice ( 2019) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Senior Novice Dressage to Music: Unlimited prelim points 0 Novice points Section
Class 5
Music Freestyle - Novice ( 2019) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Senior Novice Dressage to Music: With points Section Unlimited Novice points, up to 35 Elementary points
Class 6
Music Freestyle - Elem ( 2019) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Elementary Dressage to Music Unlimited Elementary points, up to 35 Medium points. (Junior and Senior)
Class 7a
Music Freestyle - Med. ( 2016) - Long    
Entry Fee:
Pick a Test Dressage to Music Medium Section Unlimited Medium points, up to 35 Adv Medium points.
Class 7b
Advanced Medium - Adv Med ( 2016)    
Entry Fee:
Pick a Test Dressage to Music Advanced Medium Section Unlimited Adv Medium points, up to 35 Adv points.

Show Secretary: Keysoe Riding Club Show Secretary
Church Road, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, MK44 2JP

The College Equestrian Centre, Church Road , Keysoe , Bedford , Bedfordshire MK442JP
Map Link: mk442jp

Show Information


Music must be recorded on a standard CD and clearly labelled (post it notes will not be accepted!!!!)
• Rider Name
• Horse Name
• Class

All tests will be in a 20x60 arena.

This competition will run under British Riding Club Rules (2020 Handbook). It is important that all competitors are aware of the rules and eligibility criteria relating to this competition – please see the current BRC Handbook and BRC Rule Amendments which are available on the BRC website.

Horses will only be permitted to compete in two individual championship classes (warm up classes and pairs not included). Competitors that qualify the same horse in three individual championship classes will be required to choose which classes they will contest at the Championship. This must be declared to the Official Steward at the area qualifier on the day.

All individual competitor must hold BD Music/standard Membership to compete.

Entries via team managers only. All entrants must pay a prelim entry of £20 per individual and £26 per pair to British Riding Clubs at least 21 days before the date of the qualifier (above). Entry forms can be found on the BRC website for postal entries or online entries can be made via the prelim website Late prelim entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organiser with a late surcharge of £10 per individual or £10 per pair (payable to BRC HQ), if there are sufficient spaces. Late entries cannot be guaranteed therefore must not be paid for until approval from the organiser has been sort.

If the date of the qualifier is cancelled for any reason, the close of prelim entry will remain. However, if the qualifier is moved more than 21 days later, entries will be re-opened but late entry fees cannot be refunded. Eligibility will be approved at the original close of prelim entry.

All hats must have a visible aqua BRC/BE/PC hat tag in place before they are used for warming up and competing, to show that it meets the current safety standards. There will be a trained official available on the day to do this for you if your hat does not currently have one.

Your horse must have up to date influenza vaccinations in line with rule G7 in the current BRC Rulebook. There is also a checking device on the BRC website, but if you are unsure, please call BRC on 02476 840518.

Payment Details & Event Fees

Entries in advance only. You can enter using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Keysoe Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.

Terms & Conditions

This event will follow any COVID-19 guidance from regulatory authorities applicable at the time.
1. If you require times early, late, or together please clearly state these requests when entering. Changes to times will not be made if these are not requested on the entry form.
2. No major changes will be accepted after Wed 12 August. Only straight substitutions will be accepted after this time, i.e. name of horse and/or rider taken out and replaced by another.
3. No changes will be accepted once competitors have been declared by team manager (method TBC)
4. All classes run under British Riding Club rules.
5. The organisers and landowners will not hold themselves responsible for any incident or injury to riders, owners, and spectators or any other person or property whatsoever, however caused. It shall be deemed a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the promoters against any legal action arising from such incident.
6. The decisions of the judges and/or organisers are final.
7. Any objection must be made to the show secretary in writing within 30 minutes of closing the class, accompanied by a deposit of £10 which may be refunded.
8. Riding Clubs are respectfully reminded that a preliminary entry means a commitment to pay the area fee.


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