Wellington Riding Unaffiliated Dressage Winter Mini Series (Results Available)

Show Date
Sat, Sep 15, 2018
Starting Times:
Times: Available on the Thursday PM before the show at: htp://wellington-riding.co.uk/events/tmes/

Class 1
Introductory - B ( 2009) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 2
Preliminary - Test 2 ( 2016) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 3
Preliminary - Test 14 ( 2006) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 4
Novice - Test 24 ( 2010) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 5
Novice - Test 34 ( 2009) - Short    
Entry Fee:
Class 6
Elementary - Test 42 ( 2008) - Short    
Entry Fee:

Show Secretary: Wellington Secretary
Wellington Riding, Heckfield, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 0LJ
Tel: 0118 922 5371, Email: shows@wellington-riding.co.uk, Website: www.wellington-riding.co.uk

Wellington Riding, Heckfield , Hook , Hampshire RG270LJ
Map Link: RG270LJ

Show Information
Please click on the text links to display further information. Tel: 0118 9326308.

Please note that this is primarily an Amateur Championship Series. Professional and amateur sectons will be run in each class. In the spirit of the competton, if you consider yourself a professional rider or are a BD Gold rider it would be appreciated if you would enter the professional secton. Professional riders are not eligible for the Wellington Riding Winter Mini Series rankings. Where no secton is specifed on the entry form riders will automatcally be placed in the professional secton. Sectons cannot be changed once a class has commenced. Your secton needs to be clearly stated with your entry.
N.B. Professional Rider- Is paid to ride or train other people’s horses

Photography by: Lote Elizabeth Photography
Weather: All tests and arenas are subject to change due to weather conditons. Changes will be posted on our Facebook page.

Payment Details & Event Fees
Send entries in advance to the secretary.
You can enter using a Secure Online Entry System:
Payment is secure and it goes directly Wellington Riding.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.

Entry fee: (All fees inc VAT) £20 per horse per class. Med-FEI Training Class: £22

Prize Information
Rosetes to 6th Place in Amateur secton and 3rd Place in professional secton.

Special Classes
League Scoring
The Unafliated Dressage compettons on September 15th, October 6th, November 3rd and December 15th all contribute to league. Compettors may compete in any/all of the 4 qualifying events but only their top 3 cores will count.
A score will be obtained by adding together the compettors top 3 percentage scores. Fewer than three scores can stll be registered. Afer the last event the table will be completed and the top 10 riders will be contacted. Prizes are £50 training/shop voucher for 1st place in each league and £25 training/shop voucher for 2nd place in each league
NB: Professional riders are not eligible for the Unafliated Dressage Winter Series rankings.

Withdrawals: In writng please BEFORE Close of Entries. N.B NO refunds afer close of entries for any reason. Refunds before close of entries at 50%.

Terms & Conditions
Special consideraton when allocatng tmes will be given to juniors at school/college if informed. If you have any requests for tmes this needs to be made clear on entry.
1) These shows will be run under current Britsh Dressage rules.
2) Tests are from the current BD series and are available from BD on 02476 698830.
3) The organisers reserve the right to alter classes, cancel any show and refuse any entry without explanaton.
4) No entry will be accepted without the correct entry fee.
5) No refunds afer close of entries. Refunds before close of entries 50% of entry fee.
6) Entries may be limited and a waitng list will be kept. Compettors will be informed of their positon on the list when phoning tmes or collectng them from our website.
7) In the interests of health and safety, everyone must take all reasonable precautons to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructons of the organiser and stewards including conduct in working in & viewing areas.
8) It shall be deemed a conditon of entry that the organisers, the land-owner and his agents shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to compettors, on-lookers, their property, servants, or horses or ponies, how so ever caused and that each entrant agrees to indemnify them against any legal acton arising there from.
9) Flash photography is strictly forbidden. Mobile telephones must be turned off during tests. Smoking is not permited anywhere on site. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all tmes.

Wellington Riding holds a calendar full of shows and events on most weekends. To help us with our show days we need the help of volunteers. If you join us a volunteer we will offer you ‘on the job training’ and will give you the opportunites to go to accredited training courses by governing bodies such as BD, BS and BE. As well as training for every 8 hours of volunteering you complete we will offer you a choice of the following:
1 group lesson or the value against a private lesson
1 unafliated dressage entry
2 unafliated showjumping rounds
1 hour schooling
Whilst volunteering with us we will provide refreshments and food. If you are interested please call 01189 326308 or email shows@wellington-riding.co.uk


Email Secretary - shows@wellington-riding.co.uk
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